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Electronics R us ® The best electronics store in Brooklyn NY

Check one of the best and powerful stores in Appliances and Specialized Technical Service

Electronics Rus-home-appliances-technicval-service-profesional-laptos-computer-tablest.jpg



Would you like to know that Electronics R us ® is one of the best appliance stores in New York?

Sale of the best appliances in Brooklyn

Electronics R-us® sells appliances for cash or finance

professional technical repair service

It has professionals in repair of electronic devices and more

Discounts on the first purchase of air conditioners

Sale of air conditioners on credit or cash. Discounts

Sale and repair of iPhones, change of screens 20 minutes

Sale of cell phones on credit or cash great discounts

Great Promotion for PS4 -Xbox game consoles

Sale of electronics devices on credit or cash great discounts

Sale of tablets and ipads various brands

Sale of electronics devices on credit or cash great discounts

Sale of DJ equipment and accessories

We have the best equipment for DJs in Brooklyn

We have in stock scooters and electric motorcycles

Come and book your scooter or electric motorcycle discounts

Sale of laptops road stock the best brands

Cash computers, financed with deposit Good prices

Sale of tablets and ipads various brands

Sale of electronics devices on credit or cash great discounts

Sale of televisions multiple brands and quality models

Televisions credit, cash or with deposit near me

Sale of fans and heaters for all seasons

We sell fan equipment for all weather stations



Check out our powerful and best Brooklyn NY repair services

Arreglando una computadora

Computer  repair service

Our computer technicians perform all types of Mac or Windows Laptop repairs

Proceso de reparación móvil

iPhone repair service

Looking to repair your iphones in Brooklyn? Don't think about it anymore technicians specialized in Apple

Play Station and Xbox  repair service

We repair HDMI ports, overheating of all kinds of game consoles, you're near me in Brooklyn. Call us

Image by Fabian Albert

Cell phone  repair service

Specialized technicians fix cell phones of all types of models and brands, we are in Brooklyn near me

Image by Hardik Sharma
Reparación de tableta

PS y Xbox technical repair service

Ipads y Tablets  repair service

We repair Tablets and Ipads, changes of screens and charging ports, We are in Brooklyn we will spread it to you

Aplicaciones de viaje

Design of web pages Seo Programming

We develop web pages with Wordpress, we configure programming so that in a few days you generate sales in your company


Our store makes available opening hours for all our customers in Brooklyn

English:  718-599-7596 Spanish: 631-720-1214 
53 Graham Ave 
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Monday - Friday 10 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday  Close
Sunday 10 AM - 6:30 PM


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Buy and apply our powerful financing plans, Call us now


Financing Plan Advisors

Financing Plans


Call me now to advise you on your credit, I will give you the best payment rate

Finance with credit card

Requirements  financing

  • NY State ID

  • SS Number

  • Full address

  • Checking ACCOUNT Number (Known Bank)

  • Some financial Institutions might require employers address and phone numbre

  • No credit needed

  • No surcharges for 90 Days

  • Same as cash.



One of the best home delivery and installation service

IMG_8460-copy copy.jpg

Appliance delivery service

Delivery service in Brooklyn



More options of quality and guarantee in our electronic store



Visit the accessories page there are many things for you


Technical service


Repairs of electronic devices, Professional excellence

Home appliances

Best Brooklyn NYC Appliances Near You Financing


Financing plans, easy payment, No credit needed

  • Are you looking for a technical repair service? 🔎
    ✴️ iPhone: We repair iPhone all models | Changing screens in 20 minutes ✴️ iPad: iPad Repairs | Loading port | Change of digitizer and touch screen | others give us more ✴️ Cell phones: Changing screens in 20 minutes | water damage settlement | Damage from strong impacts ✴️ Laptop & Desktop Computer: We repair all brands of computers | Macbook Air Pro | HP-Asus-Dell-Toshiba other brands more | Professionals with more than 20 years of experience in computer repairs ✴️ Tablet: Tablet repair in all makes and models | Changes of screens, batteries and charging ports ✴️ PlayStation-Xbox: Problems with your game consoles bring them we will repair any type of damage you have
  • Do you want to promote your company with a website? 💲
    🏭 Web Page Desing: We develop web pages so that your business can take off on the internet, we can make your company have a large amount of customer traffic as well as very lucrative monetary gains | Create your virtual office to avoid paying excessive amounts of money for rent | We work with SEO platforms and programming so that your company is positioned at the top of other companies | Call us you are near me Visit our website for more information
  • Would you like to build your gaming PC with Electronics R-US? 🖥️
    🖥️ PC-Builders: We build the best and most powerful gaming computers | We easily adapt to what you want to build for your powerful games or for jobs with high memory consumption | We work with accessories from renowned PC gaming brands | Just right, great performance and over 10 years of experience building gaming PCs | simply the best in the field of gaming computers | Visit our site and quote the computer adapted to your needs
  • What product are you looking for? 🔎
    ✴️ Home_Appliance: Find your product and finance it ✴️️ Cables: We have a wide variety of cables and adapters at fair prices ✴️ Scotter & Bikes: Baratas ¡Exelentes planes de financiamiento! ✴️ Speaker: For all types of event and use, powerful, economical, good brands ✴️ Televisions: Televisions in various sizes, powerful programming technology, we can finance ✴️ Game Console: PlayStation 4-5 | Xbox | Games | competitive and fair prices ✴️ iPhone & Cell-phone: We are waiting for you we have several models of cell phones and iPhone incredible prices ✴️ Air conditioner & Fan: Do not suffer from intense heat or cold, get to know our products. ✴️ Accesories: Wide variety of accessories for your electronic devices view our website ✴️ Microwave: Powerful microwaves to heat your meals, financing ✴️ Computer Mac-Windows: We have advisors for the purchase of your gaming laptop or PC ✴️ DJ Equipment: The best mixers and accessories for the best DJs in Brooklyn ✴️ iPad & Tablet: The best prices in the Brooklyn and Manhattan area direct to you and near me
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