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Electronics R'us ® The most powerful electronic store in Brooklyn NYC


Created more than 20 years ago, it makes us the best and unique of all electronics

Appliances-technical repairs-services


Located in the heart of Brooklyn, near you

Our mission

Our Electronics R'us® mission is not only to be an appliance store in the middle of Brooklyn NY, it is also to help our customers get the best items for their home or office at fair prices, so you don't have to be stressed about buying. items that will not meet your expectations, in addition We provide a range of repair services for electronic devices since it is very difficult for you to find where to fix your computer, iPhone, game console or your tablet. Our store enjoys a satisfactory acceptance of 95% of customers in the areas of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Roosevelt and New Jersey because they like our quality of work and the attention they receive from us

The best appliance and electronics store in Brooklyn
Vision-electronic store- electronic device repair services

Our Vision

The vision we are looking for within the Electronics R'us® store is in a few more years we will be able to open more electronic stores throughout the New York area as well as expand to the entire country of the United States to be able to help customers like you in their purchases of appliances as well as in the repair service area for electronic devices. We want to plant a mark on our clients that is a help and not a stress. We would like you to become part of the family of our company, so that you feel confident that when you buy or repair any item you will be sure that we are going to do it well so that you feel supported and that you enjoy a good guarantee in our store.


We give you the best appliance repair and sales service ¡ You are near me ! 


Did you know that our store has financing?

Indeed our store offers financing plans for your purchases fast, agile and easy in a matter of minutes we apply your credit plan so you can bring to your home or office the electrical appliances you want, such as stoves, refrigerators, dryers, stoves, washing machines, microwaves , blenders, toasters, air conditioners and more.


We also have a sales area for speakers, radios, cables for devices, laptops, connectors, adapters, a complete line of chargers for computers, DJ equipment, mixers, synthesizers, lights, scooters, electric motorcycles and endless other More devices you can see on our website.


Electronics r us store sale of household appliances, electronic devices game console devices accessories cables electronic repair services

Are you looking for a device repair service?

In our electronic store we also provide an excellent technical repair service for devices such as: iPhones, Laptops, desktop computers, game consoles, Tablets, iPads and cell phones. Electronics professionals will identify the problems that your damaged machine has with electronic technology devices so that it can be repaired in the shortest possible time so that you do not stop the tasks or work of your family and yourself.

Our technical customer service assistants will always be following up on the repair of your device to ensure that you do not have any other problem or damage in order to be at your disposal for whatever you need in case you require technical advice

How and when Electronics R'us® was born in Brooklyn NY

This store was born about 37 years ago back in 1986, it was called Bonanza, then in 2003 its corporate name was changed to Electronics R'us®, becoming a traditional electronics store in New York. We started selling appliances to this day, complementing it with technical service of electronic repairs and deliveries with installations of the items we sell. The electronics competition knows us because we have stood out in creating a portfolio of very powerful clients that allow us to financially support ourselves all year round

Our customers prefer us because we enjoy an annual acceptance of 95% satisfaction in the area of sales of household appliances as well as technical repairs of devices, for our consumers it makes it much easier for them not to have to look for technical professionals for their repairs, that is why we decided create this type of service, we also inform the city that we are working on a new innovative web page development service for your business or company.

Electronics r us store sale of household appliances, electronic devices game console devices accessories cables electronic repair services financing guaranteed deliveries


The great acceptance of our clients to Electronics R us ®


Satisfactory repairs


Satisfactory repairs


Satisfactory repairs


Satisfactory repairs


New clients every year

Funded clients


Sales-television-remote control-TV accessories

Mrs. Michell Lee

I bought a Samsung Television at Electronics R-us, it works very well, the service was excellent. I congratulate you


Miss. Jennifer Roy

I'm from Manhattan a few days ago I bought an HP Laptop the antivirus was free, they gave me an additional discount

repair-iphones-cell phone-Queens-Long Island

Sr. Rober Tremblay

Friends I had a problem with my Iphones I took it to the Electronics and they repaired it, they work wonderfully

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