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Major sale of Video game consoles and accessories Electronics R us ®

Would you like to know the best prices for game consoles such as Playstation, Xbox, Nintedo Switch. We are very near to you in the city of Brooklyn NY

Sale concola games credit service repairs with warranty replacement HDMI repair


Are you looking for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch at better prices?

Sale and Repair of Playstation 4-5, xbox, nintendo switch, Wii game console technical service repairs

Buy your game console with financing

Look no further in our store you will find the most popular Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch games in Brooklyn NY. Prices without competition, packed in boxes, new with factory warranty. You can pay them in cash or also with our great payment plan with very low installments. We have a variety of game console accessories such as: controls, cables, chargers, hard drives, fans, power supplies and other accessories. We generate sales almost everywhere in the country in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey. We are close to you, we wait for you call us today.

We have an experienced repair or upgrade service you want to do on your game console, our warranty covers 1 year against manufacturing defects.

¡Great discounts on game consoles for being your first time!


Save money Special offers on the best Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo 


Playstation for sale

  • PS4 modelos CUH-10xx, CUH-11xx y CUH-12xx

  • PS4 Slim modelos CUH-20xx

  • PS4 Pro modelos CUH-70xx


XBOX for sale

  • Xbox One S

  • Xbox One X

  • Xbox One X


Nintendo Switch for sale

  • Nintendo

  • Nintendo Switch Lite

  • Nintendo Switch OLED

Sale cheap prices game console, PlayStation, Xbox one s series, nintendo switch wii technical repair service, hdmi change sale discount promotion
Sale price cheap Meta Quest repair sale virtual games cheap fair prices financing guarantee low installments game console

Meta Quest 1-2-3

En Electronics R'us© tenemos las últimas novedades en consolas de juegos virtuales como son los Meta Quest para que tus hijos jueguen en forma real una transición entre los juegos 3D y la virtualidad, emocionates, reales y divertidos. tambien tenemos en stock de nuestra tienda las ultimas consolas de juegos a la venta ademas de los ultimos y potentes juegos en DVD para tu
PlayStation y Xbox. No pierdas la oportunidad de jugar los últimos juegos de entretenimiento personal. Hoy las nuevas videoconsolas vienen con un sistema de respaldo en la nube. Puede solicitar y preinstalar de forma segura la próxima generación de juegos

Don't forget our store is very close to you we provide professional sales services to the area of ​​Brooklyn NY, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey Long Island and many more areas of the New York community. Call us now or get in touch with Electronics R us, we will serve you quickly and provide financing


The best accessories in the right place, discounts and special offers

Sale of Nintendo switch controls financing cheap prices repair service

 Game control Nintendo Switch

Sale of Nintendo switch controls financing cheap prices repair service accessories parts headphones speakers

Keyboard - mouse

Xbox -Playstation

Sale of Nintendo switch controls financing cheap prices repair service accessories parts headphones gaming speakers PlayStation Xbox one s series

Games for Playstation - Xbox

Sale of Nintendo switch controls financing cheap prices repair service accessories parts headphones gaming speakers PlayStation Xbox one s series new memory capacity components

Super Nintendo Switch

Sale and repair of xbox series s one economical prices repair HDMI fixes cleaning water damage financing low installments

Xbox, Playstation, nintendo switch accessories for sale in Brooklyn NY

Have you ever wondered where I can buy accessories for my console games in my area? Look no further at Electronics R us you can find game dvds for Xbox or Playstation, controls for Playstation and Xbox, we also have headphones for professional gamers, keyboards adaptable to your game console. If we do not have any accessory that you are looking for, we can order it from our distributors, in a matter of days you will have them in your hands to play.

We know how frustrating it can be to have your console damaged, therefore we are pleased to inform you that in our store we have qualified and experienced technicians who can help you with the damage of your device. Do not wait any longer call now today that we have promotions for those who buy for the first time in Electronics R us ®.


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Direct exchange guarantee by the best professionals


Warranty claim

Electronics R-us, guarantees its sales for 1 year, for the peace of mind of its customers, this guarantee is for the repair service or replacement of the accessory, the guarantee covers the repair and the accessory. We generally cover the warranty right away unless we need to order the part,We have professional repair service in Brooklyn NY, Mahattan, Queens, New Jersey and Long Island. We are very close to you. Call us now


  • Full review to assess device damage

  • Thorough check and review of damage by liquids

  • Electronic revision through electronic control systems based on JPL platforms

HDMI port game console repair service, water damage cleaning heating overheating cleaning maintenance changing hard drive
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