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Find out why Electronics R'us ® is the best microwave sales store


Meet excellent and powerful microwaves at low prices

Sale micro waves-mabe-lg-panasonic-oster-teka-samsung-boch-miele-whirlpool


Do you want a powerful brand name microwave at low prices?

Sale micro waves home appliances mabe Lg panasonic oster teka samsung boch Miele whirlpool cheap prices economical financing direct guarantee

Elegant and reliable microwaves

Electronics R us ® we sell the best microwave brands at really cheap prices, they are reliable and long lasting in order to improve a better lifestyle, we always have discounts and promotions for the purchase in our store located in Brooklyn NYC near Mahattan, New Jersey, Queens, Long Island. make an intelligent purchase of this product, you can call us now and reserve it, you are close to us. We are waiting for you, press the call button and you will see how easy it is to buy with our appliance store.

Heat your food to your liking

We have several purchase methods, one of them is buy-Reserve-take later (CRL) it consists of reserving your microwave, completing the payments and taking it when you have finished paying it, you can also get it financed by paying the lowest rates in the Brooklyn NYC area , and the last one that is in cash where, because it is the first time you buy in our store, great discounts or steals are made for the purchase of your appliance.

Sale micro waves mabe Lg panasonic oster teka samsung boch Miele whirlpool cheap prices economical financing direct guarantee
Sale micro waves home appliances mabe Lg panasonic oster teka samsung boch Miele whirlpool cheap prices economical financing direct warranty brooklyn ny manhattan

Appliances as you like

Power, duration and economy you get in our appliances such as our microwaves we have various brands and models for customer satisfaction such as Hamilton Beach, Panasonic, Whirlpool. Heat your products in the correct way in a matter of minutes, the turntables give a reliability in their rotation that makes all the food heat up in an adequate way, Do not forget Call us we are waiting for you with pleasure we will attend to your purchase requirements


The major and great microwaves of Brooklyn NY


Hamilton Beach microwave

  • Microwave oven

  • 10 Power Levels

  • 6 Quick Set Menu Buttons

  • Child-Safe Lockout Feature

  • Kitchen Timer-Clock

  • Weight and Time Defrost

  • Led Display

  • 900 Watts 9 Cu FT

Microwave Panasonic

  • Four a Micro- ondes blanc

  • Inverter Offre une cuestions constante pour des resultants rapides, uniformes et delicieux dans la cussion quotidence

  • The Genius sensor 

  • 1200 Watts

Microwave Whirlpool

  • Capacity30 litres. Power 1400 watts

  • Digital control panel. child lock

  • Dimensions. Height36 cm. Width60cm. Depth48 cm. Weight18kg.

  • Descongelamiento automático

Other brands

  • Commercial Chief

  • Damby

  • Samsung

  • Westing House

  • Oster

  • Daewood DC

micro waves-mabe-lg-panasonic-oster-teka-samsung-boch-miele-whirlpool

Technical sheet of air conditioners

Our microwaves are manufactured to cook or heat food as well as liquids, they work with the generation of high frequency waves, the rotating plates make our food heat or cook completely in all areas in a matter of minutes. We have the cheapest microwaves in the Brooklyn NYC area, why not say it in Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey and Long Island. We have promotions and great discounts for people who visit us for the first time. Call us today and we will give you a discount. We are very near you.


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The first to provide great warranty support in Brooklyn

Warranty claim

Electronics R-us, guarantees its sales for 30 days up to 1 year, for the peace of mind of its customers, this guarantee is for the repair service or replacement of the accessory, the guarantee covers the repair and the accessory. We generally cover the warranty right away unless we need to order the part. Service in Brooklyn NY, Mahattan, Queens, New Jersey and Long Island. We are very close to you. Call us now


  • Full review to assess device damage

  • Thorough check and review of damage by liquids

  • Electronic revision through electronic control systems based on JPL platforms

Microwave installation service in Brooklyn NY, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey and Long Island
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