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Electronics R'us ®, one of the best technology repair centers Brooklyn NY

Change screens of the best cell phones of New  York in 30 minutes

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Best cell phone repairs Brooklyn, New York Manhattan Queens Bronx Long Island New Jersey area micro solder motherboard screen camera wifi

Do you need a good electronic store in Brooklyn NY to fix your powerful Cell Phone  very quickly?


You would be happy to know that in Brooklyn, New York and the areas of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, New Jersey they prefer us for their Cell Phone device repairs, we enjoy a 95% acceptance rate from our distinguished clients when it comes to trusting us with their equipment. All thanks to our specialized technicians trained in device electronics.




You arrived at the only and best cell phone repair center in New York

Front camera replacement

If your cameras are broken, they don't look good, they shake, the photos come out bad, it's time for you to come to our store, we'll fix it for you you are near me

Rear camera replacement

Rear cameras in poor condition, shaking, wet, broken at R'us© electrecnics we will repair them, glass protector changes, guaranteed replacements

Cell phone parts and pieces

We replace parts and pieces of cell phones: Samung, Lg, ZTE, Alcatel, Google Pixel, T-Mobile Revvl, One Plus, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nexus, Coolpad Legacy. Guaranteed work

Screen replacement

Replacement of  cell phone screens of all models in 20 minutes, we have stock of original screens as well as copies at fair and economical prices

Water damage 

Don't worry if your cell phone got wet, our technician revives your icell phone with powerful drying treatments in less than 24 hours you will have it working again

Battery change

Your battery is inflated, it does not charge, it turns off often, it is time to replace it to prevent your cell phone from suffering irreversible damage

Information backup

Configuration problems, you want to backup data from your cell phone, you want to transfer all your information from one phone to another phone

Wi-Fi antenna 

If your cell phone's Wi-Fi does not work very well, it has no signal, it does not allow you to browse the Internet, count on us to repair it. trained technician

Charging port change

Your cell phone doesn't charge? It is a sign that the charging port of your cell phone is damaged, in our electronic store you can repair all your devices



We repair the best bands of cell phones

Samsung cell phone repairs

  • Samsung S series

  • Samsung N series

  • Samsung A series

  • Samsung J series

  • Samsung M series

  • Samsung Tab series

  • Samsung ON series

Other bands cell Phone repairs

  • Cell Phone ZTE

  • Cell Phone Google Pixel

  • Cell Phone T-mobile

  • Cell Phone Alcatel

  • Cell Phone One Plus

  • Cell Phone Asus

  • Cell Phone Nexus

  • Cell Phone Huawei

  • Cell Phone Coolpad Legacy

Broken screen-water damage-change charging port-wifi antenna-speaker

Cell phone parts and pieces

For cell phone repairs we have the parts and pieces described in the list for immediate replacements, for your convenience you do not have to wait long to have your damaged cell phone repaired as factory, 30-day warranty on each replacement. Let me tell you that we are near you, in Brooklyn NY. Call now we will gladly assist you.

Motorola cell Phone repairs

  • Motorola Moto G series

  • Motorola Moto E series

  • Motorola Moto Z series

  • Motorola Moto X series

  • Motorola One series

  • Motorola Droid series

  • Motorola Moto Edge 

LG cell phone repairs

  • LG K Series

  • LG G Series

  • LG V Series

  • LG Q Series

  • LG G Pad Series

  • Others Series


High quality in device repairs, fast and reliable service

cell phone repair service-Cell phone repair-At&T-prepaid-motorola-moto g-tracfone-tcl a3-flip-zte-samsung-galaxy-A-N-S-sky

Cell Phone repair Brooklyn NY

Looking for high-quality cell phone repair services in Brooklyn, NY? You have arrived at a suitable place. We make cell phone screen changes, battery changes and camera change in 20 minutes, we check your iPhone in just 1 hour in case it doesn't turn on. We have programs that allow us to check for electronic damage inside motherboards in cases of water damage. Exact diagnosis of the damage of your device

We have diagnostic software that allows you to see if your cell phone has been tampered with or original parts have been changed for copies, we can inspect the manufacturing if it is original to Apple. Specialized technical team to check possible water damage, damage due to electric current or if you dropped your iPhone. We are near you with all the latest technology for apple devices

¡You are near me contact us now!


Large stock of parts and pieces of the most powerful cell phones

Mobile-Cell phone repair-samsung-lg-motorola-xiaomi-tcl-zte-motorola-alcatel-google Revvl-one plus-asus-nexus-huawei-coolpad

The best repair professionals in Brooklyn NY, near you

Are you looking for an cell phone repair service? You came to the right place, we are your best option. We have professionals specialized in the repair of cell phone in the Brooklyn area, we have clients from Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey, Long Island and other sectors.

We are specialized to solve the vast majority of problems that your Ipad has, with 100% effectiveness in tablet repairs, you dropped it, water, voltages, connected a generic charger, battery does not charge or broken screen, our team of technicians solve the problem in the shortest time possible.

Location | business hours

Monday - Thursday: 10 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday: 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM 
Saturday:  Close
Sunday: 10 AM - 6:30 PM

Be aware certain holidays 

Technical repair service for micro soldering cell phones various models and brands Brooklyn NY electronic store
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