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Electronics R'us ®, one of the best electronics to repair your tablet

We are located in the best place in New York City, which puts you so near to us

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Electronics R'us©, simply the best electronics for tablet repairs

Our technicians provide high quality solutions in the shortest time


Parts offered for repair are original OEM of good quality with limited warranty

The vast majority of repairs are quick and can last from 1 hour to 24 hours

Our technicians are specialized with more than 15 years of experience in device repairs

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Effective and quick solutions for your tablet, detail the damage

To give you a great solution to your damaged tablet, select a model so that a technician can advise your repair. Thank you


Water damage, HDMI without load, cameras without vision, you arrived at the best repair center in New York

Front camera replacement

If your cameras are broken, they don't look good, they shake, the photos come out bad, it's time for you to come to our store, we'll fix it for you you are near me

Rear camera replacement

Rear cameras in poor condition, shaking, wet, broken at R'us© electrecnics we will repair them, glass protector changes, guaranteed replacements

Tablet digitizer changes

In our electronic store we can change tablet digitizer for all models: Samsung, LG, Google Asus, Dell, Toshiba, HP. We can take from 4 hours to a maximum of 24 hours

Tablet Screen Replacement

Replacement of LCD screens for Tablet all models in 4 hours, we have stock of original screens as well as copies at fair and affordable prices. ¡Call us now!

Tablet and screen water damage

Don't worry if your Tablet got wet, our technician revives your icell phone with powerful drying treatments in less than 24 hours you will have it working again

Tablet battery replacement

Your battery is inflated, it does not charge, it turns off often, it is time to replace it to prevent your great Tablet from suffering irreversible damage and avoid very high expenses

Tablet data backup to device

onfiguration problems, you want to backup your tablet data, you want to transfer all your information from one iPad to another iPad and recover your photos

Change wifi antenna, no internet

If your Ipad's Wi-Fi does not work very well, it has no signal, it does not allow you to browse the Internet, count on us to repair it. trained technician

Changing the iPad charging port

Your tablet does not charge, your tablet's charging port is damaged, you do not see the lightning coming out of the battery, in our electronics store you can repair it



For major damage, best solutions for your damaged tablet

Manhattan Queens New Jersey Long Island and other areas of new york-dropped it water voltages connected to a generic charger battery broken screen- team of technicians

The best repair professionals in Brooklyn NY, near you

Are you looking for an tablet repair service? You came to the right place, we are your best option. We have professionals specialized in the repair of Ipads in the Brooklyn area, we have clients from Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey, Long Island and other sectors.


We are specialized to solve the vast majority of problems that your Ipad has, with 100% effectiveness in tablet repairs, you dropped it, water, voltages, connected a generic charger, battery does not charge or broken screen, our team of technicians solve the problem in the shortest time possible.


Please detail the damage to your tablet or device to be repaired


Write us the characteristics of your gaming computer in less than 24 hours we will give you the estimate


¡Thank you for sending your message!

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