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For those intense heats, powerful and durable air conditioners

Electronics R us ® special offer on the best air conditioners in the brooklyn area

 Air conditioning sale-Frigidaire-general-comfort zone-midea portable-5000-5300-8000-6000-10000-12000-15000 BTU


Powerful and cheap air conditioners in the best professional brands

Take a look at our best air conditioners

Electronics R us ® offers you and your family and home the best brands of air conditioners in different brands with extensive experience in the development of environmental products to keep your home fresh and air-conditioned. You don't have to sleep to get wet with our air conditioners you set the temperature to your liking so that your home, your family can rest with pleasant comfort.

In our company we have carried out a study with surveys of which airs protect you from high temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit that high temperatures are practically unbearable. We have home delivery service for your convenience, book your air conditioning now, don't wait any longer. We will wait for you

¡Delivery and installation service, factory guaranteed!

Sale of air conditioning-Frigidaire-general-comfort zone-midea portable-5000-5300-8000-6000-10000-12000-15000 BTU very hot stations financing low installments


Great and best offers of air conditioners, good prices

Big promotion air conditioners

  • Frigidaire 5000 BTU

  • Frigidaire 6000 BTU

  • Frigidaire 8000 BTU

  • Frigidaire 10000 BTU

  • Frigidaire 12000 BTU

  • Frigidaire 15000 BTU

Best discount air conditioners

  • General 5000 BTU

  • General 6000 BTU

  • General 8000 BTU

  • General 10000 BTU

  • General 12000 BTU

  • General 15000 BTU

Other models of air conditioners

  • Frigidaire wall 8000 BTU

  • Frigidaire wall 10000 BTU

  • Frigidaire wall 12000 BTU

  • Confort Zone Towel Fan 

  • Confort Zone Windows fan

  • Midea Portable 5300 BTU

  • Midea Portable 8000 BTU

Spaces cooled by air conditioners

  • 5000 BTUs = 250 foot room

  • 6000 BTUs = 250 foot room

  • 8000 BTUs = 350 foot room

  • 10000 BTUs = 450 foot room

  • 12200 BTUs = 550 foot room

Air conditioning sale-Delivery and installation service-Frigidaire-general-confort zone-midea portable-5000-5300-8000-6000-10000-12000-15000 BTU

Technical sheet of air conditioners

We have put the measurements of the BTUs and the rooms that our air conditioners cover, it is always good that you contact one of our sales agents who are experienced in selling these appliances so you can have an idea of what you need for your home. We tell you just as we have financing plans, promotions and discounts. We are in Brooklyn NY very near you, call us so we can reserve your air conditioning.


Cheap and powerful air conditioners for sweltering Brooklyn heat

Installation-service-delivery-air conditioning 5000 BTUs = 250 foot room​-6000 BTUs = 250 foot room-8000 BTUs = 350 foot room-10000 BTUs = 450 foot room-12200 BTUs = 550 foot room

Electronics R us ® cools your home with cheap prices

Every time summer enters Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey or Long Island, you wonder what air conditioning I need for my room or home that gets too hot, we have the best prices in the New York area, our air cools the room in extremely low times, almost instantly because the brands we handle are the best on the market in the city of Brooklyn, they remove humidity from the rooms they work with light so it does not cause you any problem to connect it, in our store there are cable extensions for that you have comfort when connecting it.

Our air conditioners come in two versions, one automatic with remote control and the other manual. With a low budget, your room can be acclimatized without humidity, easy installation in a few minutes, its refrigerants are ecological that do not cause any damage to your health. It's time for you to call us and reserve your air. We are Electronics Rus and we are very close to you, with a single call you can reserve your cooling machine.


Powerful and cheap fan Electronics R'us has it

Get rid of that suffocating heat

You came to the right place for this product, you want to beat the burning heat of the intense summers of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey Long Island our store has the only, powerful and best fans in the area, they not only cool you but they cool all the space around you. You want to sleep peacefully all night without that penetrating and suffocating summer sweat, at Electronics R us we have the solution to your burning heat problem, super economical without competition, the most efficient fan brands in New York.

We have floor fans, standing fans, excellent ventilation motors that make your workplace or rest a comfort area free from suffocating heat. Long durability, metallic or plastic, our devices work efficiently at the customer's pleasure, handle several speeds in case of sudden temperature drops, you can place it in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, without risks or dangers for our children artifacts have become the darlings of mass consumption in our New York community. Call us now and reserve your fan, they sell out quickly as they are very cheap, we are waiting for you near to you.

sale Industrial fan high speed floor wall mural standing regular cheap prices financing


Specifications of the best known fan brands

Hyper Wind

  • 16" High Velocity PowerFull Fan

  • Up and Down adjustable

  • Long service life

  • 3 speeds

  • Left and Right oscillation

Comfort Zone

  • The preferred brand in America

  • 16"  Oscillating Pedestal Fan

  • 3 speeds

  • Large blades to give you better upper air swing

  • Wide oscillation

  • Adjustable height

  • Adjustable angle

  • Easy armed

  • Perfect for home or office


  • Pioneers in home comfort innovation

  • 18" Stand Fan

  • 3 speeds settings

  • Led display with auto-off timer

  • Adjustable height

  • Full range Oscillation

  • Remote Control

Hyper Wind

  • 12" Table Fan

  • Push Buttom Control

  • Instant Blades

  • Powerful motor

Industrial fans

Comfort Zone

  • The best known brand in the US

  • 30" Oscillating tower fan

  • 3 Speeds

  • Centrifugal and powerful blades

  • Design saves space

  • Silent and powerful

Technical Pro

  • Rechargeable desk wall fan

  • With Led Work Lamp and power bank

  • Portable fan by day and by Night

  • Adjustable, Multi Angle Tilting

  • Built in battery

Mytek model 3317

  • High speed air circulator

  • 20" Pedestal fan

  • 3 speeds

  • Oscillatory

  • Super quiet motor

  • Easy to assemble

Comfort Zone

  • Double reversible window fan with remote control

  • 10"  Oscillating Pedestal Fan

  • 3 speeds, 2 covers included

  • Large blades to give you better upper air swing

  • Reversible fans bring air in and wind out

  • Turbo fins for maximum air movement

  • Perfect for home or office

Sale of air conditioning-Delivery and installation service-Frigidare-general-confort zone-midea portable-Hyper Wind-Comfort Zone-Pelonis-Hyper Wind-Industrial fans-Technical Pro-Mytek model 3317-High Velocity 12"

Mytek model 3349

  • Plastic structure, Floor fan

  • 20" Pedestal fan

  • 3 speeds, Extra base to add stability

  • Oscillatory

  • Super quiet motor, Option to mount on the wall

  • Easy to assemble

High Velocity 12"

  • 100 grades Adjustable tilting angle

  • 3 speeds, Extra base to add stability

  • heav-duty metal construction

  • Long life and powerful motor

  • Aluminium blade

Mytek model 3328

  • High speed air circulator

  • 20" Pedestal fan

  • 3 air speed rotary switch

  • Metal blade

  • Easy to assemble

  • Adjustable height


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Direct exchange guarantee by the best professionals


Warranty claim

Electronics R-us, guarantees the purchase of air conditioners a one-year warranty, for the peace of mind of its customers, this warranty is valid as long as the customer has not caused any external damage to the item. We usually cover the warranty right away unless we need to order parts and pieces. Our guarantees are evaluated for the peace of mind of the client and the store. don't forget we are located near Brooklyn NY, Mahattan, Queens, New Jersey and Long Island. We are very close to you. Call us now


  • Complete review to assess air conditioning damage

  • hecking and evaluation of damage that the air conditioner could have suffered

  • Evaluate the damages if the client does not cause the malfunction, another device will be returned

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