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Electronics R us ®, Has the most powerful sounding speakers in all of Brooklyn NYC


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Why you should buy our speakers

In R us ® electronics we have the most powerful speakers with affordable prices and financing in the lowest installments in the area of Brooklyn NYC, Mahattan, New Jersey, Queens, Long Island, There are speakers with long-lasting batteries of up to 12 hours of duration as are the JBL brands. For parties and mobile speakers with games of lights so that your contracts have the desired success, power is something that you should not neglect in our equipment we have them of all types from 500 watts to 10,000 watts of output in the best registered brands audio such as JBL, Technical Pro, Fisher, Audster, Boheringer and more. Do not forget to visit us we are near to you, call us now we will gladly assist you.

We have a professional and experienced cell phone repair service as well as for RMA of warranties in PCR speakers . We have financing plans Visit us today do not wait, we are your best option




Separate your economical high-end speaker for your big events

JBL Boombox 2
High power speakers at affordable prices
The best speakers and components
Image by Howard Bouchevereau
Financing - No credit needed

Endless Sounds

  • Rechargeable Battery Speaker

  • 4600w PMPO, USB Drive, Plug and Play, Karaoke System

  • Battery 12 Hours, Aux Line-in

  • 15" Woofer, Radio FM

  • Micro SD card slot

Audster Series

  • 15" Woofer + 2" Tweeter, FM radio

  • USB Input, 3.5mm Aux input

  • TF Card Input, Microfono Input

  • Treble and Bass Gain

  • Wireless Music Streaning

  • Wireless remote included

Technical Pro Series

  • Home Entertainmen Speaker System, Led Woofer

  • Bluetooth Compatible, Supe Bass

  • USB/TF Inputs, xTWins active

  • 4000W, LED woofers, LED Power Switch, USB/SD Card inputs

Audster AUD-X series

  • 2x6.5" Woofers, FM Radio

  • Wireless Music Streaming

  • USB/MP3 Input, TF Card Input

  • Microphone Include

  • Wireless Remote Included

  • Multicolred LED Lighting

Tecnical Pro Series

  • AP2DP/AVRCP Stereo Bluetooth

  • TWS (True Wireless Stereo

  • Woofer: 12" LED, Piezo Tweeter

  • LED Power Switch, FM Radio Aux

  • USB Flash Drive, TF Card, MP3 Files, Bass-Treble controls

  • Top carry handle, Pole Mount

  • 1/4" Microphone Input

  • 2000Watts, Built in Battery

JBL Professional Serie

  • LF Driver 1 JBL 612H 12" Woofer

  • HF Driver 1 JBL 2414H-1 25.4mm

  • 1000Watts, High efficiency Class D

  • System Type: Self Powered 12" Two-way, Bass-Reflex

  • Bluetooth Control, High/Low Self

  • Revolutionary Waveguide Desing

  • Grille Power coated perforated steel with acoustically.

Technical Pro  Series

  • 12" Bluetooth LED Speaker

  • USB-Sd Card Reader, Pole Mount

  • 1500 Watts peak power

  • LED Power Switch, Piezo tweeter

  • Woofer 12" LED Woofer

  • 1/4" Microphone input, Microphone Volumen  control

  • Built in LCD screen Playback crtl

  • Bass-Treble controls, Top carry handle, record wav files

QFX LCS Series

  • Prosessional High Power Party PA Speaker dual 10" Woofers

  • Bluetooth, Equalizer, FM Radio

  • Aux Input, TF Card Reader

  • USB Port, High DEf LED RGB

  • 2000 Watts, True Wireless Stereo

Speakers various brands and models

Audster FR series

  • Professional Amplified Speakers

  • Woofer 15", Voice coil size: 50 mm

  • Tweeter 34mm , Memory Stick

  • Memory card, Radio FM, Rec

  • Bluetooth, Rechargeable Battery

  • Wireless Music Stream

Audster FR series

  • Professional Amplified Speakers

  • 2800W, PMPO, Memory Card

  • Memory Stick, Aux Input 

  • Wireless Streaming, Bluetooth

  • Remote Control, Stand include

  • Equalizer, Microphone included

  • 15" Woofer Voice coil size: 50 mm

Altec Lansig

  • SoundBucket XL, Bluetooth

  • Waterproof Speaker, 60W

  • Booming Bass, Wireless Charging

  • 2 Ways to charge your Phone wireless or USB

  • Down Firing Bass Radiator

  • House Party Multi-Speaker Pairing mode

  • Multi Light Modes

Tecnical Pro APPserie

  • 3500Watts Peak Power, 8 ohms

  • Rechargeable Battery 5 Hours

  • Piezo Tweeter, Pole Mount

  • Bluetooth compatibility for Wireless connection A2DP Stereo

  • Inputs: USB Flash Drive, FM Radio, Aux and Bluetooth, SD card

  • Include Wheels/Carry-on Handle

  • Bass-Treble controls, Play MP3

  • Bluetooth Speaker - Smart APP

Fisher FBX series

  • Wireless Connector Wireless

  • FM Radio, Remote Control

  • 15" 3000 watts Peak Music Power Output, Multi Color Effects

  • USB Input, Battery Long Life Rechargeable, Bluetooth

Fisher Basbox Sound

  • Bluetooth 15" Wireless Poratble Speaker Systems

  • Battery 2000 mah

  • FM Radio Recording

  • USB/TF Slot/ LED Display

  • Chargin Time 4-8 hours

  • Working Time 3-8 Hours

Sony SRS series

  • Booming Bass

  • 360 Grade Omni directional Sound

  • Wireless Charging

Top Tech Audio Series

  • Multimedia Postable Speaker

  • Wired Microphone, TF/SD Input

  • Wireless Connection, Aux Input

  • USB Device, Remote Control

  • FM Radio, Rechargeable

  • 5000 Watts PMPO

Top Tech Audio Series

  • 15" Two Ways Active Speak

  • Woofer 15", Tweeter 1" Ti Dia

  • 4500 Watts PMPO

  • MP3 Player, BT, FM Radio and Memory Card

  • 3.5 mm Aux and Stereo RCA

  • Audio Outputs: XLR 

Audster AUD-X series

  • Professional Rechageable BT Speaker

  • 2x12" Woofer, 1" Tweeter, TF Card

  • Wireless Music Streaming

  • USB Input, FM radio, Equalizer

  • Wheels-Handle, 3.5mm AUX Input

  • Microphone Included

  • Wireless Remote Included

Audster AUD-X series

  • 12" Woofer+2" Tweeter, FM Radio

  • Wireless Music Streaming

  • USB-MP3 Input, TF Card Input

  • 3.5mm Aux Input, Mic Echo Gain

  • Wireless Microphone, additional Mic Input, Wireless Remote

  • Treble-Bass Gains. 2200 Watts

TopTech  series

  • Compatible most Bluetooth capable devices, FM Radio

  • 3000 Watts PMPO, Karaoke Function, Microphone Input

  • Head Jack, Extra Bass

  • Aux In with PC, CD players 

  • MP3-MP4 Players, Built in Rechargeable Battery

  • Handle For easy postability

  • Charged cable include

Endless Sounds series

  • USB Drive Pulg and Play

  • Karaoke Systems, FM Radio

  • Aux Line in, Micro Sd Slot

  • 1 Adaptor, 1 Wired Microphone

Dolphin Wavesync

  • Include Speaker Stand, Wired Microphone and Control remote

  • Sing Karaoke or Make ads

  • Play Music, Bluetopth Device

  • Play your MP3 Files, USB/SD drive

  • Listen to music from Nearby FM radio stations

Bose S1 Series

  • Multi Position PA Systems

  • 3 Channels, Mic/Line Inputs

  • Tone Match presets for acoustic guitar and Microphone

  • Bass-Treble Controls, Reverb

  • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming

  • 1.8' Input, TRS balanced Line Out

  • Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery

  • Connect APP  



The first to provide great warranty support in Brooklyn

Warranty claim

Electronics R-us, guarantees its sales for 30 days up to 1 year, for the peace of mind of its customers, this guarantee is for the repair service or replacement of the accessory, the guarantee covers the repair and the accessory. We generally cover the warranty right away unless we need to order the part. We have the best warranty service in Brooklyn NY, Mahattan, Queens, New Jersey and Long Island. We are very near to you. Call us now

Control of guarantees

  • Full review to assess device damage

  • Thorough check and review of damage by liquids

  • Electronic revision through electronic control systems based on JPL platforms

Speakers with factory warranty



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