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Great sale of the best iPads and Tablets in Brooklyn NY

Visit the best electronic store in all of New York Electronics R us ®

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The best electronic device discounts in all of Brooklyn NY

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Offer prices of Tablets - iPads, great discounts

You are looking for the best and cheapest prices for iPads and tablets, you have come to the right place, we are Electronics R us ®, the only ones in the electronics area of ​​Brooklyn NYC, Mahattan, Queens, New Jersey, Long Island, we have financing plans in easy installments, we have also Chinese tablets of very cheap prices of different brands and models for all ages. When you visit our store you will be attended by professionals who know about these devices so that they can advise you on your questions and purchases.

Call now so that you know the electronic devices that we sell and the form of financing with exaggeratedly very low fees, not only an electronic one, we also provide specialized technical service in repairs and advice, you will feel that you are at home. our treatment is cordial and friendly that makes customers return. Click below to reserve your preferred iPad or tablet.

Our motto "The customer is always right"


We provide great financing deals on your device purchases

iPad for sale in brooklyn NY

Great discounts on tablets when you buy for the first time

iPad and Tablet Cables

Our electronic store has all kinds of cables for iPad and tablet

Repair service near you

We have a repair service for these and other devices for your safety

Samsung tablet deals

Tenemos buenos precios, varios modelos en tablets samsung 

Batteries for tablet and iPad

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Payments and financing

We have several payment methods, consult with a call for advice

Major airpods

Best airpods prices in Brooklyn NY

Our electronics has the cheapest prices of airpods

Contact us
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cheap headphones

discount for the purchase of headphones, good prices without competition

The best electronic store near you, contact us now

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Wireless Earbuds

Low prices of Wireless Earbuds various models

Great quality electronic devices at lower prices in Brooklyn nyc

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Tablet and iPad chargers

Our electronic store has a variety of chargers for all types of devices

Consult by phone with the store the device model the charger you need we have many models

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Save your money with the best sound devices for your powerful cell phone

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Are you looking for more accessories for your iPhone?

If you are in the areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey or Long Island, do not forget to visit our electronic store where buying is economical, we have several iPad and tablet models for sale for personal taste, if you do not find the model you are looking for We can manage your order of what you are looking for. One of the most important things that you must take into account when you are going to buy any device is the advice to know what you are buying and what you need, not what they want to sell you. That is why our professional experts are here to advise you on what you need for your personal use.

Before making your purchase, we make sure that your iPad or Samsung Tablet is completely sealed and not used, sometimes we have used devices that cost half the real value. Our electronic store has Amazon devices or tablets as generic for children since they do not need to consume a lot of resources on these devices. We are located in a strategic location in Brooklyn nyc near you that reaching Electronics R us ® does not require much time. We are waiting for you call for more details

Note.- The guarantee does not cover damages caused by the customer such as water damage, broken screens or electrical damage caused by generic chargers.


The first to provide great warranty support in Brooklyn

Warranty claim

Electronics R-us, guarantees its sales for 30 days up to 1 year, for the peace of mind of its customers, this guarantee is for the repair service or replacement of the accessory, the guarantee covers the repair and the accessory. We generally cover the warranty right away unless we need to order the part. We have iPhone and cell phone repair service in Brooklyn NY, Mahattan, Queens, New Jersey and Long Island. We are very close to you. Call us now

Control of guarantees

  • Full review to assess device damage

  • Thorough check and review of damage by liquids

  • Electronic revision through electronic control systems based on JPL platforms

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Quality and professionalism in the technical repairs of devices



Visit the accessories page there are many things for you

Technical service


Repairs of electronic devices, Professional excellence

Home appliances

Best Brooklyn NYC Appliances Near You Financing


Financing plans, easy payment, No credit needed

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