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Did you know that repairing an iPhone is better than buying another?

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Powerful reasons why it is better to repair an iPhone than to buy another.

1.- One of the reasons why repairing an iPhone is better than buying another is because you save a lot of money.

a.- Change of screen.- If you change a screen instead of buying another cell phone, you save 80% of what a new one costs.

b.- Change of charging port.- If you change the charging port of your iPhone you save 85% of what a new one costs.

c.- Battery change. - If you change the battery of your iPhone you save 90% of what a new one costs.

d.- Change of front camera. - If you change the front camera of your iPhone you save 90% of what a new one costs.

e.- Change of rear camera. - If you change the rear camera of your iPhone you save 80% of what a new one costs.

f.- Change of back cover. - If you change the broken back cover of your iPhone you save 70% of what a new one costs.

g.- Water damage.- In this type of repairs to your iPhone, a powerful cleaning is carried out with special liquids that allow all the moisture of the device to evaporate, here you save 70% instead of buying a new iPhone

Nota.- Note.- The only damage that we do not recommend repairing is when the motherboard of your iPhone is damaged because the repair could cost 80% of what your device is worth.

Any other part that is changed such as Wifi antennas, Sensors, bribrador or other low cost part saves you 90% of what your iPhone is worth.

As you can see, dear readers, repairing an iPhone is relatively very cheap in the EEUU because the cost of its accessories are cheap and easily accessible to technicians specialized in this type of repair. Changing the parts of an iPhone is for qualified personnel, depending on the technician, it will be extremely fast, an example of this is the change of screens that takes 20 minutes and everything is ready, the change that takes the longest is the Chargin port, broken Back cover, which could take 2 hours or more. As you will be able to realize the same day you can take your iPhone repaired home.

Today it is a myth in the EEUU that people buy an iPhone when it is damaged because the cost of repair is very cheap, apart from contributing to the planet, American people contribute a lot to the ecology of the planet because they give Keep in mind that when repairing any electronic device, they are practically avoiding making technological garbage. It is necessary to realize that when you repair an electronic device you contribute to save the planet and help your economy. Think about it, you win everywhere.

It is necessary that you know where you can repair your iPhone devices near you, visit authorized centers with specialized technicians so that your device is in good hands, much of the damage to iPhones can be repaired if you look for the right person specialized in the area of cell phone electronics. click here to help you with your technical repair specialized in Apple

When you should repair your iPhone and when you shouldn't

As a rule, we device technicians recommend repairing iPhones when the cost of repair exceeds more than 50% of the value of the device. This is not only true for iPhones but for all the machines or components that you want to repair.

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