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Electronics R'us ® The best electronics store in Brooklyn NY

Check one of the best and powerful stores in Appliances and Specialized Technical Service

Electronics R'us store selling household appliances and electronic repairs



Get to know the services, it is one of the best appliance stores in New York

Home Appliance

Electronics R-US® is simply one of the best home appliance electronic stores for customers in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey areas. We are waiting for you, you are part of our family, you are near me

Technical repair service

The best professionals with experience and ability to repair all types of electronic devices such as: iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Laptops, computers, video game consoles and other devices. Guaranteed repairs, original parts, ¡fair prices!

Website development

Prestigious designers will transform your company's objectives into a great design to transmit it on your country's global network. We ensure that the vision of your company is developed on a website as well as on an eCommerce platform.

Financing Plans

Would you like to buy with credit, low installments, fair prices? For the purchase of your appliances, gadgets or computers, you can request direct and immediate financing plans with the lowest installments that any other store can offer you. Request an advisor

Build gaming computers

Are you looking for a powerful gaming computer that allows you to interact with real and powerful graphical modes according to your needs? Send a direct message to our specialist in less than 24 hours we will contact you right now

About Electronics R'us

Get to know us so you can find out about the years of service that our electronic store has in the Brooklyn NY area, providing our customers with appliance sales services as well as technical device repair services. ¡ You are near me ! in less than 24 hours with you to help you

Request the best computer estimate

Send our form the specifications of the computer you are looking for in less than 24 hours we will respond. ¡Sale prices!


Are you looking for powerful appliances in Brooklyn NY?

home appliance in Brooklyn NY Store TV refrigerator TV washing machine kitchen dryer

Electronics R'us® Our prestigious clients have for sale a variety of appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machine dryers, toaster ovens, grills, blenders, cooking pots, pressure cookers, toaster ovens, digital air fryers, rice cookers and steamers, rice cookers. , sandwich plates, juice extractor, microwave, blenders, irons, hand mixer, air purifier, coffee maker, stainless steel, handheld steam cleaner, radios, among others.

Our electronic store is located at 53 Graham Ave Brooklyn NY 11206 to provide customer service to the Brooklyn NY, Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Roosvelt, New Jersey and Bronx area. The main brands we work with are Hotpoint, Whirlpool, Samung, General Electric Profile, Elementor, Frigidaire, Bell, Oster, Steamfast, Hamilton Beach, Brentwood, Panasonic, Back + Decker, Cuisinart, Proctor Silex, Gourmia, Ninja, Hepa, Courant, Comfort zone, Presto, Vivo Home, Croox, Galanz, LG

¡  Make your home a place to live !



Check out our powerful and best Brooklyn NY repair services

Repairs Fix iphone cell phones PlayStation 4-5 Xbox one S series Nintendo Switch Wii Tablet Ipad

We are Electronics R'us

In our electronic store we repair all types of devices such as: iPhone, Cellphones, desktop computers, laptop, MacBook Pro-Air, tablet, iPad, PlayStation, Xbox, Xbox one S, Xbox one series, Nintendo switch, printers, hard drives and 100% guaranteed antivirus, we have expert professionals who identify the problem accurately and precisely. Contact us, we are serving the areas of Brooklyn NY, Manhattan, Queens, Roosevelt, Long Island, Bronx, New Jersey.


¡ It is a pleasure to be able to help you !

Repairs Fix iphone cell phones PlayStation 4-5 Xbox one S series Nintendo Switch Wii Tablet Ipad Brooklyn NY near me


Successful repairs


Service request

New customers


Buy and apply our powerful financing plans, ¡check prices!

Gaming computer-intel-amd ryzen-memory 16-32 gb- SSD 1-2 TB-video card-cooler-fan-motherbo

Build your Gaming Desktop

Electronics R'us® builds your desktop computer adapted to your needs and budget, we make assemblies with components of your choice or we can also help you with recommendations according to what you need depending on what you want to use it for.

Leave us a message with your requirements at In less than 24 hours, a technician will contact you to solve your requirements and make the best recommendations to build your gaming computer

Search-Gaming computer-intel-amd ryzen-memory 16-32 gb- SSD 1-2 TB-video card-cooler-fan-m

Contact us

Write us the characteristics of your gaming computer in less than 24 hours we will give you the estimate


¡Thank you for sending your message!

desktop-laptop gaming-hp-asus-intel-amd-gigabyte-msi-gamer-cheap-financial


Buy and apply our powerful financing plans, Call us now

Financing Plans


Consult our financing plans with an advisor from our store to give you instructions on what you need to apply the credit plan without any inconvenience. These plans are immediate, you don't have to do long processes.


Trying to obtain credit is one of the easiest ways we do it at Electronics R'us® with low and fair fees.

Finance with credit card

Financing now

  • NY State ID

  • SS Number

  • Full address

  • Checking ACCOUNT Number (Known Bank)

  • Some financial Institutions might require employers address and phone number

  • No credit needed

  • No surcharges for 90 Days same as cash.







¡Today is your lucky day! New electric motorcycles arrived


Electric vehicles

Electronics R-US® has for sale powerful electric bike and motorcycles with great travel capacity, long charging duration, easy to charge anywhere or wherever you are, extremely affordable within the reach of all pockets with fair prices. We also have a large stock of scooters to mobilize you to incredible places to reach through the complicated parking lot of New York City. Contact us are you near me




Do you want your business to give you great profitability?¡Contact us now!

We work with a team of specialists from different countries in the area of New York, the United States and other parts of the world, in the design of eCommerce and informative web pages. We develop your digital marketing strategy to seek to integrate your company or business into winning websites within the area and globally. The team of expert developers of our company will work day by day to make your business grow and gain more customers day by day with invasive strategies of massive dissemination within social networks such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Google my Business, Bing and others

Web page design-eCommerce-informative-seo programming-cards for digital businesses
Web page design-cell phones-tablets-iPads and computers

Website responsive

The designs of our web pages include responsive designs adaptable for all types of devices that browse the Internet such as cell phones, tablets, iPads and computers. We work to make the website very fast at the access level

Integration of web pages to social networks such as facebook-tik tok-instagram-google my business

Social media integration

Our website designs are made to boost your business or company within global and social networks, so that you can use digital resources to gain the greatest number of clients and you can compete with your competition fairly

Search-buy-website- your business

Customer acquisition

If you came to this site and are looking for web page design services in New York for your business, today is the day we have the ability to make your business appear on the internet and the services you offer to customers en masse


Provide your business with a powerful and attractive digital marketing touch

Design digital cards graphic design fontpage web pages

Digital business cards

forget the old business cards. Get out the stationery! We make new digital business cards for you to share with your clients and on social networks. The new digital marketing at your disposal

Design digital cards graphic design fontpage web pages business cards

Don't spend more on cards

The new digital era now allows your company to progress and have monetary benefits through the new creation of digital cards for companies. Share on all social networks


Browse our product site and find what you were looking for


Our store has powerful high and low wattage speakers for sale for your DJs, parties, events or holidays so you can enjoy the clarity of their sound. Our prices are low and fair, within the reach of every economy.

Speakers for parties, events and holidays

Speaker brands

We work with prestigious brands such as: QFX, Audster, Falcon, Sharp, Technical Pro, Endless Sounds, Fisher, JBL, LG, TopTech Audio, Panasonic, SoundBucket XL, LG Xboom, Tpro, Dolphin and other brands

Looking for cables and adapters



Cables for all devices, adapters and electronics in the Brooklyn NY area

Fans, air conditioners, cooler-sale-promotions-free


Air Conditioners

Brooklyn NY All Season Fans and Air Conditioners, Fair Prices, Financing

Sale of Playstation Xbox one Nintendo Switch


Game console

Console games for all ages, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and more

The best Electronics R'us© acceptance surveys


Check out our powerful statistical data from our clients

  • Are you looking for a technical repair service? 🔎
    ✴️ iPhone: We repair iPhone all models | Changing screens in 20 minutes ✴️ iPad: iPad Repairs | Loading port | Change of digitizer and touch screen | others give us more ✴️ Cell phones: Changing screens in 20 minutes | water damage settlement | Damage from strong impacts ✴️ Laptop & Desktop Computer: We repair all brands of computers | Macbook Air Pro | HP-Asus-Dell-Toshiba other brands more | Professionals with more than 20 years of experience in computer repairs ✴️ Tablet: Tablet repair in all makes and models | Changes of screens, batteries and charging ports ✴️ PlayStation-Xbox: Problems with your game consoles bring them we will repair any type of damage you have
  • Do you want to promote your company with a website? 💲
    🏭 Web Page Desing: We develop web pages so that your business can take off on the internet, we can make your company have a large amount of customer traffic as well as very lucrative monetary gains | Create your virtual office to avoid paying excessive amounts of money for rent | We work with SEO platforms and programming so that your company is positioned at the top of other companies | Call us you are near me Visit our website for more information
  • Would you like to build your gaming PC with Electronics R-US? 🖥️
    🖥️ PC-Builders: We build the best and most powerful gaming computers | We easily adapt to what you want to build for your powerful games or for jobs with high memory consumption | We work with accessories from renowned PC gaming brands | Just right, great performance and over 10 years of experience building gaming PCs | simply the best in the field of gaming computers | Visit our site and quote the computer adapted to your needs
  • What product are you looking for? 🔎
    ✴️ Home_Appliance: Find your product and finance it ✴️️ Cables: We have a wide variety of cables and adapters at fair prices ✴️ Scotter & Bikes: Baratas ¡Exelentes planes de financiamiento! ✴️ Speaker: For all types of event and use, powerful, economical, good brands ✴️ Televisions: Televisions in various sizes, powerful programming technology, we can finance ✴️ Game Console: PlayStation 4-5 | Xbox | Games | competitive and fair prices ✴️ iPhone & Cell-phone: We are waiting for you we have several models of cell phones and iPhone incredible prices ✴️ Air conditioner & Fan: Do not suffer from intense heat or cold, get to know our products. ✴️ Accesories: Wide variety of accessories for your electronic devices view our website ✴️ Microwave: Powerful microwaves to heat your meals, financing ✴️ Computer Mac-Windows: We have advisors for the purchase of your gaming laptop or PC ✴️ DJ Equipment: The best mixers and accessories for the best DJs in Brooklyn ✴️ iPad & Tablet: The best prices in the Brooklyn and Manhattan area direct to you and near me
  • Additional monthly payment after creating my website?
    You do not pay anything additional. When you make the design contract for your website with electronics R'us© you make a single payment, the page is completely yours, you will not have to pay anything at all when you finish the project.
  • Does where I live matter to develop my efficient website?
    It doesn't matter where or country you live! Our professional experts can assist you anywhere in the world, through face-to-face meetings on web cam through the Zoom platform, we can accommodate your work schedules for the design of the Website
  • What would be the value of an efficient Website?
    Our Marketing and digital design company handles fair prices, from the modest sum of $500.00 depending on the needs of your business or company, the values could change
  • How long does it take to create a website?
    A simple web page takes an average of a month and a half, a complete page 2 months, an ecommerce page will take according to the needs of each client and the complexity involved in the programming.

Satisfied customers


Clients per month

Returning customers


Our store provides the delivery service of household appliances

Delivery and installation service in Brooklyn Mahattan Queens Long Island Roosevelt Bronx

We provide delivery and installation service

Elecronics R'us© provides a delivery and installation service for your appliances throughout the area of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and other places, customer service is one of the friendliest platforms we have in our store because For us the client is the most important thing, you are near me, call us and we will assist you as soon as possible


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